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Microsoft .NET Core Software Development

Primarily I’m a .NET software developer, fluent in C#.

I go into depth on related technologies when I’m using them. So in my work history I've focused at various times on OpenID Connect, IdentityServer, MVC, WebAPI, OWIN, Entity Framework, JavaScript, KnockoutJS, AngularJS, SQL and MongoDB.

Currently I work for Medical Management Systems where the coding-style is Functional Programming. C# is still used but written in a functional-style thanks to the language-ext library. I've also learnt some Purescript ("Haskell for the browser") and the basics of Category Theory.

Aiming for clean code with test driven development (almost) goes without saying, along with using continuous deployment (where my experience is with JIRA, GitHub, git workflows, NUnit tests, TeamCity and Octopus Deploy).

I do try to continuously expand my skillset and enjoy discussing programming issues. Most months (covid-19 allowing) you'll find me at .NET meet-ups, finding out what is going on and occasionally presenting.


My name is Steve Moss. Appetere is the company name I use for my freelance work.

I also use "Appetere" as an on-line alias for myself on technical sites.

Want to know where the name comes from? It's Latin, meaning something like "to seek after".


Steve Moss

.NET Core / C# software developer